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Lower School

We exist to develop the next generation of leaders through an authentic and excellent Christian academy.
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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

We foster comprehensive growth within our students through excellent programming and our warm Christian environment. Heights Academy’s growth strategy for students acknowledges and encompasses all aspects and stages of a child’s development: physical, social, academic, emotional, and spiritual. We recognize the individuality of each student and appreciate their unique gifts, qualities, and needs.


Our Kindergarten program is all-inclusive, cross-curricular, and focuses on a Biblical worldview. Your child will gain a strong foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning! Each child will learn to read phonetically which will provide him or her with the skills needed to excel in other subjects. Gaining the ability to independently read stories that keep his or her interest will build confidence for further learning.

PHONICS • Vowels • Consonants • Blends • One- and two-vowel words, and special sounds

WRITING • Cursive writing to improve hand-eye coordination • Motor skills, and other brain and memory functions, including increased focus and prolonged attention

NUMBERS • Memorize addition facts up through the number 10 • Identify what numbers come before and after any number from 1 to 100 • Subtraction • One-step story problems with addition • Recognize the largest and smallest numbers from a set of numbers

DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS • Coloring pages • Mazes • Directed-art pages, and other activities aid in the development of writing readiness • Hand-eye coordination •  Visual perception • Listening and thinking skills • Good character

BIBLE • Character development • Daily Bible stories and lessons • Weekly Chapel • Monthly memory verse • Worship


Like our Kindergarten program, 1st Grade is all-inclusive, cross-curricular, and focuses on a Biblical worldview. By the end of first grade, your child will have made amazing leaps in learning. They will be able to recognize and use all the phonics sounds – including 123 special sounds – needed to phonetically read words! By focusing on reading phonetically, your child will gain the ability to independently read to help them with further learning in every subject.

PHONICS • Syllables • Vowels • Consonants • Blends • Special sounds & Clue words • Root words • Suffixes & Prefixes

WRITING • Cursive writing • Creative writing • Compositions

SPELLING & POETRY • Sight words • Abbreviations • Contractions • Spelling rules • Lyrical poems • Expression & volume • Comprehension • Title & author

NUMBERS • Identify what numbers come before and after any number from 101 to 1,000 • Place value • Repeated addition • Subtraction families • Multiplication concepts • Story problems • Greater than & less than • Graphs

BIBLE • Character development • Daily Bible stories and lessons • Weekly Chapel • Monthly memory verse • Worship


What To Expect


Heights Academy is missional. We accept children from any religious or non-religious background.


We lead children to practice intentional spiritual disciplines focusing on their relationship with God over religion. These include praise and worship, prayer, reading and memorizing God’s word, and etc. Children also attend a weekly Chapel class that brings the Bible alive in an age-appropriate way!

State of the Art

Our state of the art facility sets a tone of excellence by providing welcoming, purposeful, and safe learning spaces. We will have a brand new building with one of the largest auditoriums in our city opening in March 2024. Safety has remained a number one priority as we renovate our spaces. We understand the importance of creating a safe and captivating environment that creates opportunity for growth. Our classrooms are clean, neat, and creative as we recognize that children learn most effectively through play, exploration and age-appropriate hands-on activities. 


Heights Academy is an opportunity to join a community. Our relationship-driven approach will allow families to connect in real, authentic ways. We regularly communicate with families through a one-stop App. We also provide opportunities for families to connect with each other. Lastly, our staff is part of our bigger church community, and invites our families to do the same. We offer resources to strengthen families including small groups led through Heights Church for parents, families, and kids.

Full Day

We are a Christian-based preschool experience with intentional full-day care. Our drop off begins at 7:30am and pick up ends at 5:30pm. Our offerings also include both half day (8am-12pm) and full day preschool options. We have an enthusiastic extended care team to offer additional care and experiences when the school day ends at 3pm.

Curriculum + Enrichment

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